‘May your choices reflect your hopes, not your fears.’

Nelson Mandela

Welcome to my Website

Opportunities that are expected to run during the year in relation to spirituality, theology, psychology and singing include:

Reflection and Retreats

(Days / Mornings / Afternoons / Evenings)


Development Sessions / Courses

The Bible

Understanding and Implications


Ways that Theology and Psychology connect and impact on spirituality


In or out of places of worship, which also promotes wellbeing


Exploring faith and its implications


The God of love, compassion, humour and surprises

I can run sessions at your settings, including training, assemblies and courses.

I can also come into homes where more senior people live. Apart from singing songs myself, I encourage everyone to develop their own breathing and singing skills, as well as to have fun themselves.

You may have been out of work for a time, changing careers or never had a job and want someone to help you think through your transferable skills and positive qualities.

Additionally, I am available to write articles, as well as reflections.

For Further Information

Please contact me about any of the above or to register your interest in particular topics that I may be able to include.